Welcome to Creating Your Experience!

As an Artist, Creativity Coach and Reiki Master I use a combination of energetic healing and visual art Creating Exercises to help people connect to their Higher Creative Self. Through my programs you will access and explore your creativity as if you were a child again. You will reignite and rediscover the power of your creative potential. With this power you, too, can create your experience, the experience you were meant to have in this life. You will gain clarity about who you really are, discover an untapped wealth of courage, and learn what it means to experience true creative flow.

Start creating. Stay inspired. Sparkle on!

Periodically, I post free Creating Exercises on the blog portion of this site. Please be sure to follow me through the link to the right, so you won’t miss any of these. They will give you an idea of how my online courses work and cover additional topics not covered in my ABCs of Conscious Creating program.

To learn more about my special offer for the remainder of 2015, please keep reading…


©Bonnie Kelso & Creating Your Experience

I am so pleased to be able to offer my “ACCESS! The ABCs of Conscious Creating” virtual course for 50% off the retail price through December 2015. This is not an automated program, I will be in personal contact with you periodically throughout the course. Let me take a moment to describe more about the course for you and a few of the many benefits you will receive from the program.


©Bonnie Kelso & Creating Your Experience

The course begins as soon as I receive confirmation of enrollment from you with my “5 Day Foundation” program. Through my easy to follow steps, learn to wrangle your own self-sabotaging thoughts and get yourself into the right frame of mind to open yourself to your unique creative power. From here we will schedule a private 30-minute Creativity Coaching Session so that we can discuss your specific creative concerns. The session will end with a long-distance Reiki treatment intended to access and heal your creative energies leaving you relaxed and restored and ready to delve deeper into the ACCESS! program. This is only the beginning of what you will explore and receive. Take this five-part program at your own comfortable pace. Learn where your unique creative energy comes from. Reconnect and bond with this vital part of who you are and be the creative being you were created to be!

Together let’s vitalize your creative life!


©Bonnie Kelso & Creating Your Experience

This retail value of this unique and powerfully inspiring course is $250. By enrolling now before the end of August 2015, you will be one of the fortunate ones who gets to experience it for a low investment of only $125.

This program has only been available as a virtual course for a short time and demand for this experience will soon drive  tuition up to retail price. What have you got to lose? Please send me an email at creatingyourexperience@gmail.com to start start a conversation with me. Together we can decide if the course and working with me is the best fit for you. I look forward to hearing from you!

Your Creativity Coach,


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